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List of Hospitals in Faridabad and Contact Details: फरीदाबाद में अस्पतालों की लिस्ट और कॉन्टैक्ट डिटेल


List of Hospitals in Faridabad

Serial NoHospitals and AddressContact Numbers
1Faridabad BK Civil Hospital0129 2416169
2Ballabhgarh Civil Hospital0129-5241362
3Arsh Multispecialty Hospital,Tigaon Road Sector 78, Greater Faridabad9640433300
4R K Hospital, NIT-3 Faridabad129-2413430
5 RBA Dental Care Hospital, Plot No 17, Sector 15 Faridabad8860672002
6 Asian Hospital, Sector 21A Faridabad0129 4253000
7 Sarvodaya Hospital, Sector 8 Faridabad0129 4194444
8QRG Hospital, Sector 16 Faridabad0129 4330000
9SSB Hospital, Ajronda Chowk, Faridabad085888 55566
10Park Hospital, Sector 10, Faridabad0129 4200000
11Accord Hospital, Sector 85, Greater Faridabad0129 3512000
12Manavta Hospital, Uncha Gaon, Ballabhgarh09999001711
13Pawan Hospital, Sector 56, Faridabad09999008079
14Supreme Hospital, Surajkund Faridabad0129 4554400
15Fortis Escort Hospital, NIT Faridabad0129 2466000
16Metro Hospital, Sector 16 Faridabad0129 4277777
17Atlas Hospital, 1648, Sector-2, Faridabad0129-5253333
18Anjali Nursingh Home, J Block, Sector 84, Faridabad0129-6500746
19Life Hospital, NH Site No-1, Sector-8, Faridabad0129-4871115
20Faridabad Eye Care Center, 207/15A, Faridabad0129-4015842
21Pawan Hospital, Unit-2, Gurudwara Road, Jawahar Colony0129-2230522
22Lotus Hospital, Plot No-2, Jeewan Nagar, Ballabhgarh9899305644
23Life Care Hospital, Mathura Road, Faridabad8818060439
24Prabha Eye Hospital, Rasulpur Road, Faridabad9354515260
25Bhatia Nursing Home, Punjabi Mohalla, Mohna Road, Ballabhgarh0129-2246867
26Satyam Hospital (Stone & Maternity Center, 2C-14, BP, Near Pyali Chowk, Faridabad0129-4020143
27Capital Child & Maternity Center Plot No-1001-1002, Faridabad0129-4104557
28Chugh Hospital, 5L-164, KC Road, Faridabad0129-4077666
29Santosh Multispecialty Hospital, 3F-139, NIT Faridabad0129-4100139
30Dr Dilip Hospital, HN-765, Sector-28, Faridabad01294086357
31Apurva Hospital, 2N-74, BP, Near 2-3 Gol Chakkar, Faridabad0129-2414493
32Faridabad Medical Center, 458, Sector-21B, Faridabad0129-2980378
33Doctor Today IVF & Multispecialty Hospital, 5C/2 BP, Railway Road, Faridabad 0129-4012180
34Shivalik Hospital, Sector-37, HUDA Market, Faridabad0129-4128715
35Sunshine Hospital, Main Sahupura Road, Faridabad0129-2241735
36Taneya Nursing Home, C-19, Air Force Road, Faridabad0129-2482173
37Gupta Nursing Home, 160, Sector-16A, Faridabad0129-2288252
38Dr Harish Hospital, 701, Sector-8, YMCA Road, Faridabad0129-4017142
39NHIMS Hospital, Plot No-67, Indra Complex, Faridabad0129-2229009
40AAR PEE Hospital, 1276-P, Sector-28, Faridabad0129-4044236
41Kesar Hospital, C-480, Chawla Colony, Ballabhgarh0129-2308888
42Prakash Hospital, Sector-3, Ballabhgarh0129-2300842
43Sarvodaya Hospital, Sector-19, Faridabad0129-4184444
44Chandigarh Laser Eye Center, Shop No-7, Sector-86, Faridabad7011841512
45Nayan Jyoti Eye & Laser Center, 1A/251, First Floor, Neelam Bata Road, Faridabad0129-2417251
46Shankar Medicare Center, 1251, Sector-28, Faridabad0129-4042394
47Shivalik Hospital, Sehatpur, Sector 91, Faridabad0129-4128715
48Galaxy Hospital, Plot No-1, Sector-2, Faridabad8755836493
49Wadwa Nursing Home, 372/7A, Faridabad0129-4107372
50DM Hospital, 89/5, Railway Road, NIT Faridabad0129-4107801
51Center For Sight, Hanuman Mandir, Sector 16A, Faridabad5624061450
52NIMS Hospital, Sector-23, Faridabad0129-2446565
53Handa Medical Center, Sector 16, Faridabad0129-2291847
54Raj Rishik Hospital Pvt Ltd, Sector-3, Faridabad0129-3295540
55RG Stone Urology & Laproscopy, Neelam Bata Road, Faridabad1140721000
56Geeta Hospital, Sector 28 Faridabad0129-4047396
57Sharma Nursing Home, NH-5/136, Railway Road, NIT Faridabad0129-2412116
58Ballabhgarh Nursing Home, 64-65, Mukesh Colony, Faridabad0129-2311398
59Ghai Hospital, Plot No-29, Sector-9 Market, Faridabad0129-4083481
60Surya Ortho & Trauma Center, 5R/5, NIT Faridabad0129-2415499
61Mittal Hospital, 1498-99/16, Faridabad0129-2285331
62Goyal Hospital, Sector-8, Faridabad0129-4310477
63Sirohi Medical Center, Plot No 4&5, Sector-3, Faridabad0129-2303408
64Moga Nursing Home, 279, Sector-10, Faridabad0129-2286959
65IBS Ashwani Hospital, 8D-1, Sector-11, Faridabad0129-4103100
66Vardaan Hospital, 3E-1, NIT Faridabad0129-4103557
67Care Well Hospital, Plot No-8, Sector-29, Faridabad0129-4060888
68Shivmani Hospital, 5E-9BP, NIT Faridabad0129-2420421
69Chandna Medical Center, 52&85, Sector-18A, Faridabad0129-2297224
70Drishi Eye Center, 5F/20-21, NIT Faridabad0129-2420001
71Kalra Child Care Center, Plot No-1485, Sector-15, Faridabad0129-2282883
72Lohan Children Hospital, 5C-14, BP, NIT Faridabad0129-2418777
73BR Memorial Hospital, FCA-103, Mukesh Colony Ballabhgarh0129-2244559
74Vedanta Hospital, B-5, Near BK Chowk, Faridabad0129-2989665
75Sharma Maternity & Eye Center, 94, Sector-23, Faridabad0129-2989665
76Prime Hospital and Ortho Center, Sector-30, Faridabad0129-4022300
77Sparsh Hospital, Sector-30 Market, Faridabad0129-4084600
78Vibal Hospital, Sector-21 D, HUDA Market, Faridabad0129-4173698
79Aastha Eye Center, 5-R/5, NIT Faridabad0129-2423378
80Aggarwal Medical Center, Jeevan Nagar Gaunchi, Faridabad0129-2244580
81CK Memorial & Kapoor Hospital, 3B-8A, NIT Faridabad0129-2413901
82Shree Ji Life Line Hospital, Plot No-309, Jawahar Colony Faridabad7210248572
83Nidan Hospital, New Sohna Road, Faridabad0129-5250025